Rain Harvesting

Rainwater can be one of the cleanest and most sustainable sources of water for domestic use. Whether for whole house potable use, lawn and garden watering, or storage for later use, harvesting rain is an easy and environmentally conscious way to have water available when needed.

Facts & Benefits:

  • Each 1,000 square feet of roof can yield 625 gallons on a 1” rainfall.
  • Rainwater is naturally soft, no need for water softening equipment.
  • Rainwater is better for plants and animals than treated water.
  • Reduces storm water runoff.
  • Equipment and supplies for rain harvesting are exempt from sales tax in many states.

Come by or call us today to discuss your plans.  We can provide project consulting, storage tanks, and installation guidance to create a system tailored to specific needs.  We offer a wide variety of tank models, booster pumps, and filter systems as well as many rain harvesting accessories.