For 85 years and still counting, Davey has been manufacturing products that help protect and enhance people’s lives. Whether you need perfect pressure, healthy drinking water, protection from fire and flood, a clean, relaxing pool or spa, or water to run your farm or business, you can Depend on Davey.

Traditionally servicing the domestic water pumping, water treatment and swimming pool & spa markets, Davey has in recent years expanded its focus and product portfolio to include the commercial pumping, irrigation and commercial pool markets. Backed by specialists in our commercial team, we can also design customized systems to suit project requirements.

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The Davey BT booster pressure system consists of a robust centrifugal pump fitted with the intelligent Davey Torrium®2 water pressure controller to deliver boosted water pressure to your home or other application. Consumers can enjoy strong and seemingly constant water pressure due to Torrium®2’s constant flow operation.

Due to large water pathways, Torrium®2 operates with a lower head loss than comparable water pressure controllers to provide superior hydraulic performance with less wasted energy.


Ideal for pumping clean, clear water in such applications as:

• Homes where the incoming municipal water supply pressure is inadequate.

• From underground or surface water supplies.

• Automatic water transfer.

• Applications where the pump may have an interrupted water supply.


Ideal for household and domestic water supply, farming and agricultural water systems, irrigation and turf watering systems and automatic general water transfer.


• Flows up to 36 gpm and heads up to 91 psi.

• Stainless steel impellers.

• Air purging valve and stage porting.